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The ”Red Rag” Heuristic

24th Sep 2016

After the fact, I realised that the intensity of the reaction I'd had (which made me want to investigate desperately) was caused by the assertion itself - it was a statement of believing with absolute fact, with no evidence to back it up, and my experience as a veteran tester immediately disagreed with it being absolute.

Language Interpretation

25th Aug 2016

The consequences of language or terminology assumptions can be horrific... In testing make sure that what you're reading or hearing is absolutely accurate and unambiguous before you make any decisions that affect the project; don't walk out in front of a car!

The ”Dolphin” Heuristic

19th Aug 2016

... In testing we make assumptions and sometimes we don't clarify those assumptions, as they seem absolutely 100% concrete, and (we assume) can't be any other way. Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence to back up that assumption, there's still a distinct possibility that it's incorrect.

A Life of Testing

17th Aug 2016

I was obsessed with finding the limitations of the thing! So for me that's my earliest memory of testing and I think a lot of people with testing careers probably have a similar mindset that started WAY before your profession as a tester began?

Assumptions vs Biases

31st July 2016

... I felt 100% that a bias is a bad thing that serves no purpose in the mind of an exploratory tester but I couldn't articulate why. I also knew that, generally speaking, the thought of assumptions doesn't give me anywhere near the type of negative reaction than the thought of a bias does, but again I couldn't explain why. So I did the best thing I could; I stopped to question my opinion and whether it was actually an assumption or bias about assumptions and biases...