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Guess Who! An Information Model example

28th Jun 2020

... And so you see that investigation, analysis, and critical thinking all enable us to make decisions on our next action, until we have enough confidence (acceptance of risk) that we want to follow the next stage of the game...

A Polarising opinion!

21st Jan 2020

... Most of the time, the lens we use is well-suited to the work we're doing, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether there's a 'better' lens to use in that situation? Is the lens you're using showing you 'defects' that your customers really won't care about, or that may not actually be defects at all? Or that impact the time it will take to be confident with the testing you've done?

Personalised Book of Positivity

17th April 2019

... I wrote down any positive work feedback which made me smile, or feel good about the work I do, as soon as possible after it occurred (voice dictation or Siri is great for that!)... I break out my Personalised Book of Positivity (PBoP) to remind myself of the times I've done well and received positive feedback, including the context of why I did good, or received that feedback.

Overthinking it (I can, therefore I will!)

10th Apr 2017

... as testers it's very easy for us to get carried away with our work, over-think the task at hand and produce *less value* to the long term project targets in favour of short term value to that single task.

Accept misnomers

27th March 2017

... What we need to strive for is the establishment of a common 'language' on projects that allow the participants the ability to discuss things in the most efficient manner possible adding as little ambiguity into the discussion as possible, not to pick apart people's differing descriptions of the same thing.

NOT testing is powerful!

25th Nov 2016

As the conversation went on there were a lot of tests he described, that I found to be basically pointless, and it got me thinking about how as professional testers we automatically use our experience, knowledge and heuristics to decide on the best approach and best set of tests/checks to run - from applying every test known to man to no tests at all, with anything in between.