David Williams


Testing Muse
noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˈtestɪŋ/ US

The process of using or trying something to see if it works, is suitable, obeys the rules, etc.
noun [ C ] UK ​ /mjuːz/ US ​ /mjuːz/ literary

A person, or an imaginary being or force that gives someone ideas and helps them to write, paint, or make music.

Core Values

I try to stick to a core set of Values that drive each decision I make.

They are a reminder of the person I am, at my core, and they help me to work toward being the best I can be for my family, my friends, my career, my team at work, and of course myself.

My Core Values are:

  • Lead by example
  • Be someone’s muse
  • Be honest, open, & relatable
  • Be effortlessly efficient
  • Be passionate
  • Be graciously disruptive

Who Am I?

I’m a 42 year old husband, and father of two amazing kids. I live in Kent, in the United Kingdom.

I’m an award-winning international conference speaker, and also a Mental Health First Aid practitioner.

I am also Hosting the London Ministry of Testing “Essentials” event monthly in the amazing Zoopla offices, near Tower Bridge throughout 2020 – I love to share my experience and knowledge with people to help them be the best version of themselves.

During my 17 years in the field of quality and testing I’ve been a tester, senior, lead, test manager, head of testing and am now instrumental to helping Zoopla to transform into an agile (lower-case ‘a’) and truly quality-focused group.

I have a technical mindset and a real passion for investigation and testing as a profession (especially risk-based, and Exploratory Testing with developer tools, proxies, and API’s). I’ve been told that my passion is infectious when talking about my experiences and perspectives on the subject.

I’m a prolific Twitter and Slack user, plus testing community advocate. I’m in the process of resurrecting my blog and starting to do occasional vlogs, having taken a temporary step back over the last few months due to work commitments.


I may well be a veteran software tester, and given quite a few Lightning Talks at ~300 attendee conferences, but 2018 was the year that I felt my public speaking was up to the high standard expected of international conferences, and when I began sharing my experiences in earnest.

The following are conferences I have, or will be speaking at in the near future:

Let’s Test South Africa (Nov 2018) For my first ever full-length conference speaking slot, I was flown to Johannesburg, South Africa to talk about my own experiences with a decline in Mental Health.

Test Bash Brighton (Apr 2019) I travelled down to Brighton, UK to share my Mental Health in Testing talk. TestBash Brighton was the first conference I ever attended, back in 2015 so it was an honour to have been asked to speak there. Sign-up FREE to see my talk

Romanian Testing Conference (Jun 2019) I was flown to Romania to talk about my experience with Mental Health in Testing, during my first ever visit to Romania. All conference talks were voted-on by delegates, and my talk was awarded the conference’s prized accolade of the People’s Choice Award for the impact it made.Click Here


Many moons ago I had a regular and full blog, however through life becoming manic in general I allowed it to become a Legacy product.

Now that time is a little more sparing, I will be reinstating my blog and re-adding some of the historical blog posts over time, along with adding some new thoughts and ideas I have.

A few of my recent blog posts:


I little while ago I blogged on Medium about the mental health benefit with keeping a book of positive feedback, and using that book to remind yourself of the good work you do on a daily basis.

Please feel free to read and comment HERE.

The following Testimonials are taken from my own Personal Book of Positivity:

“Congratulations David! Your talk, Mental Health as a Tester, has been selected for Let’s Test South Africa. We are really excited to have you speak and we think your talk will really help make Let’s Test South Africa amazing. I particularly loved your talk proposal and I really hope to meet you at Let’s Test!”

Matthew Broadley Event Organiser @ Let’s Test

“I now prefer @TheTestingMuse’s example of a fish tank, where all the filters run at once, all the time – It really represents how I test, since I work in continuously deployed systems. I love the parity between the different aspects of testing and the different purposes of fishtank filters. Really excellent metaphor 🐟 that gets away from the ‘sizes of testing’ trope.”

Noah Sussman Principal Software Engineer @ Medidata

“The technology blew up & @TheTestingMuse gave a brilliant talk on mental health. Stress handling at it’s best! @LetsTest_Conf #LetsTest #ZA”

Olga Yiannakis Agile Coach @ Prodigy Finance

“😂 That analogy is AMAZING. I’m totally stealing it.”

Katrina Clokie Test Practice Manager @ BNZ

“David believes in me even when I don’t. David will put himself in uncomfortable positions with other people if it will benefit the team. David pushed me but supports me in the process, making it feel doable. Overall David is awesome!”

Deborah Lee Lead Tester @ Bloom & Wild

“Mega fan of the topic (and the speaker!)”

Abby Bangser Software Testing Clinic

“Huge move from Test Partners to eBay. It shows you can’t keep great talent down for long”

Salvatore Minetti CEO Prospex AI

“Inspiring and searingly honest talk by on #MentalHealth for tech workers. Audience clearly moved, and LOTS of questions and conversation afterwards #rtc2019”

Rhian Lewis Technology Consultant

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve watched your talk from TestBash. Really powerful. Also, kudos to your wonderful wife! You bring a very positive message that there are people around you to lift you up. I’ve organised around 10 conferences and seen many talks and I think you are a good speaker, engaging and energetic.”

Joanna Mocko IT Matters Conference Organiser


In the vein of positivity above, this section is dedicated to any awards or certifications I have achieved.

  • 2018 – Mental Health First Aid
  • 2018 - Excellence in Innovation @eBay